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Clarify Your Vision

Execute with Focus & Discipline

Create a Healthy Team

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

You’ve invested so much in your business. Isn’t it time you started getting more of what you want from your business and your life.

It’s possible to get back in the driver’s seat and …

Get Real

Surround yourself with people who “get it” and “want it” as much as you do and work together to identify your problems at the root and solve them once and for all.

Keep It Simple

Remove complexity and get traction on your most important priorities with simple, timeless tools

Get Results

Get the freedom, time, and money to invest in the things that are most important to you.

Monica G. Justice

Certified EOS Implementer™

Experience matters. A lot.


I have helped many companies get more from their business.
With 20+ years of industry experience leading some of the nation’s largest and most successful digital media and e-commerce brands I have a proven track record for getting results.

Now, as a Professional EOS Implementer™ , working with the leadership teams of privately-held organizations with 10 – 250 employees, I have a deep understanding of the art & science behind running and growing businesses.


“Monica’s facilitation of EOS with our leadership team has been a game changer for us. Every session with Monica has brought greater clarity to how we can take our organization to the next level together.”

Laurie Zierer 

PA Humanities Council

“Monica’s open service-driven approach encourages dialogue and empowers bold thinking. I’ve witnessed Monica turn departments around as an executive leader during our time at QVC. Monica recently inspired me as the keynote speaker at a CEO roundtable meeting.She was genuinely able to connect with each entrepreneur and help them identify core action steps to take away from the meeting. I recommend Monica to leaders seeking to take their business to the next level. “


Kathie Iannuzzi

Certified High Performance Coach

“Monica has a passion and talent for helping others succeed. She was a coach and mentor to me, but I also regularly observed her coaching others through difficult situations. She excels at navigating and facilitating leadership teams through challenging decisions needed to move through obstacles and advance the business. She always did this with a combination of humility, confidence, and respect.”


Lindsay Haslett

Program Leader at Vertex Inc.

“Monica refined the governance process under a new global organization structure and drove its management and execution with the executive team. Throughout the process, she expanded her influence with the team by not only facilitating the process, but by guiding us towards clear conclusions, and enhancing our formulation of the company’s strategic agenda.”


Ted Jastrzebski

CFO at UGI Corporation

“Monica’s introduction to EOS has both energized and refocused how Ingram Engineering Services, Inc. operates.  The weekly Level 10 meetings have resulted in efficient time management, cut wasted time, redundancy, and have allowed the Leadership Team to achieve the defined goals we have identified as ‘Rocks’- not get lost in the details and work in circles as we have in the past.  The ‘health’ of our company has improved significantly as there is a positive culture that is felt by the company with defined goals, “consistency, and ultimately – a Vision.  Only 9 months into EOS and we are excited to see how often we will continue to break through the ceiling.”


Chadd Ingram

Ingram Engineering Services, Inc.

Strengthen the Six Key Components™ of Your Business with The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

The complete system, methodology, and process for sustainable growth.

How We Work

3 Simple Steps to Start Gaining Real. Simple. Results.

Schedule A Call

We spend 30 minutes together to discuss how we can help you break through and get what you want from your business.

Implement A System

If you decide we are a fit, we schedule our first full-day session and get you started making a difference right away.

Grow Your Business

By implementing a complete system you will grow your business, gain more freedom, and build a better life.

The person you do this with matters. A lot.

20+ years experience building, leading and scaling entrepreneurial businesses has honed my ability to steer strategy, improve operations, and guide companies through challenging periods of change. 

Leaning on this distinct combination of skills, I was able to:

  • Grow revenues to over $8 billion in my role at QVC, making QVC Group the third-largest e-commerce retailer in North America behind Walmart and Amazon.
  • Start an outdoor active clothing business – designing, sourcing and sewing on nights and weekends while working full time – expanding the respect I have for entrepreneurs and the sacrifices they make.
  • Scale and improve a new business model for ecommerce start up Rue La La – working with founders to grow the business to $300m in three years.

This is the expertise I’ll bring to your business, delving passionately into helping you avoid the traps of complexity that I know come with a growing and changing business and help you get more of what you want from your business.

Monica G. Justice


So what’s an allēle?

Allēles (uh-leels) are part of our DNA coding. They’re the building blocks of all life and make us each unique. I chose this name for my business as a reminder that we are all just human beings coming together to make change happen every day. The tools and concepts I deliver as part of The Allēle Group provide business owners and leadership teams with the building blocks for running a successful business, and laying the foundation for long-term success.

EOS® In Action

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Monica G. Justice

Certified EOS Implementer™

I’m here to open eyes and open pathways to growth, tackling the most complex business problems with proven, practical tools and thoughtful, surprising approaches.


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