There’s nothing quite like hearing it firsthand.

“Monica refined the governance process under the new global organization structure and has driven its management and execution with the global executive team.  Throughout the process, she has expanded her influence with the team by not only facilitating the process, but by guiding us towards clear conclusions, and enhancing our formulation of the company’s strategic agenda.”

Ted Jastzrebski


“Monica is an engaging and facilitative leader. Under Monica’s leadership we integrated key acquisitions in a purposeful and thoughtful manner, resulting in $200M in cost savings from the start. And she did this while serving the company in the role of strategy officer, ensuring all of our transformation plans were accelerating as well. My team led the corporate name change and rebranding and it was a flawless execution thanks to Monica’s leadership and talent stewarding multiple business imperatives at the same time.”

Colleen Rooney

VP Communications QVC (former colleague)

“When I entered QVC in 2006 as Executive Creative Director, the creative department was separate from the rest of the business. It operated like an independent ad agency that happened to sit in the same building as the client. In 2008, QVC decided to restructure in an effort to better align creative with the other departments. This meant the creative department would ladder up to the business-minded, operations-oriented folks which, as you can imagine, didn’t sit well with the creative folks (me included). Psychologically, it was a hard transition. Monica made it surprisingly easy. I reported to her back then, but we worked more like a partnership than a hierarchy. She was open. Listened. Made us feel like we were gaining, not losing. And got everything running like a well-oiled machine, freeing us up to do what we do best, with more access and exposure to the business, its challenges, and its opportunities. Monica and I worked together for two years. She… the left-brain operations. Me… the right-brain creative. But we always met in the middle. “

Marc Barbella

Sr. Leader of Global Brand Strategy & Experience, QVC (former direct report)

“Monica brings a formidable combination of creative process optimization and change management.   Her focus on “the right process” and “the right people” have helped ensure creative alignment and efficiency across our vast production organization.  She builds strong relationships based on mutual respect for each other’s strengths that allows creatives to thrive without focus on boundaries.”

Jim Zdancewicz

Director Content Production and Operations QVC (former direct report)

“I had the pleasure of working with Monica as part of an in-house digital production operations team at Rue La La, tasked with ensuring the consistent delivery of content for multiple daily site refreshes. Monica’s depth of knowledge in digital production operations; combined with her focus, commitment to excellence and innovative spirit were the driving forces behind the success of the teams she led. Leading by example by delivering clear communication of goals and collaboration, she brought a diverse assortment of functions together to successfully deliver a best in class customer experience.”

Curren Calhoun

Director, Digital Photography Production – Gap, Inc. (former direct report)